Our Portal Keeper

Greetings, traveler, and welcome. I am the Portal Keeper, Sender Najan.

As with most things in the universe, there is more to the Portal than one can see at first glance. It’s my job to send you on a rare and wondrous journey to the worlds beyond this door. Gateways unto themselves, each selection in every Volume gives you a first taste of the story the sample has been drawn from. You can decide whether to pursue your journey into the rest of the author’s science fiction tale by seeking the complete novel from an ebook seller, or returning to the Portal to sample another.

But first a word of advice. Like the stars I’m named for, each of these volumes burns at a different heat when it comes to the romance woven into the world building. As the Keeper, I’ve done my best to assemble like with like, but please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the general heat levels.

Volume 1 – A universe where stories will contain some explicit love scenes

Volume 2 – Worlds with frequent hot and fiery romance, in scenes described using more graphic language than in Volume 1

Volume 3 - Landscapes with sensual, less graphic love scenes than those found in Volume 1 or 2

Volume 47 Dimensions with an all-encompassing romantic blend, from mildest to hottest love scenes

Are you ready? Take a deep breath and close your eyes as I open this portal.
Now. Step through…