Portals Authors

Portals Production Team

Pauline Baird Jones, Production Manager
Veronica Scott, Cover Coordinator & General Consultant
Laurie A. Green, Coordinator

Portals Volume One (Blue)

Lyn Brittan - Vin's Rules
Marcella Burnard - Enemy Within
P. J. Dean - The Felig Chronicles (Book 1)
Donna S. Frelick - Trouble in Mind
Athena Grayson - Hot Pursuit
Laurie A. Green - Inherit the Stars
S.J. Pajonas - Removed (Nogiku Series #1)
Veronica Scott - Mission to Muhjundar
Greta van der Rol - Morgan's Choice
Sandy Williams - Shades of Treason

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Portals Volume Two (Red)

Alison Aimes - Trapped
Melisse Aires - Alien Blood
Cara Bristol - Stranded with the Cyborg
Diane Burton - The Plot
Cathryn Cade - Stark Pleasure
Wendy Lynn Clark - Liberation's Kiss
Susan Grant - The Champion of Barésh
KC Klein - To Buy a Wife
Sabine Priestley - Alien Attachments
Jody Wallace - Earthbound Passion

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Portals Volume Three (Gold)

Maeve Alpin - A Woman of Independent Means
Marie Andreas - Warrior Wench
Jenna Bennett - Fortune's Hero
Michelle Diener - Dark Horse (Class 5 Series)
S.E. Gilchrist - Cosmic Fire (Mars Academy S.)
Pippa Jay - Keir (Book One of Redemption)
Pauline Baird Jones - The Key: Part One
Lisa Morrow - Sold to an Alien
Aurora Springer - Grand Master's Pawn
Amelia Treader - Cynthia the Invincible

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Portals Volume Four (Green)

Liana Brooks - Even Villains Fall in Love
Carysa Locke - Pirate Nemesis
Sharon Lynn Fisher - Echo 8
Rinelle Grey - Reckless Rescue
Lea Kirk - Prophecy (Bk 1 of the Prophecy Series)
Rebel Miller - Awakening (Bk 1 of Kira's Story)
Elizabeth Munro - Constant
Monica Enderle Pierce - Girl Under Glass
AR DeClerck - Bound to You

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~~ And the three added Portals volumes ~~ 

Portals Volume Five (Teal)
Eva Caye - Dignity (To Be Sinclair, Book 1)
Tracy Cooper-Posey - Faring Soul
Kyndra Hatch - Aliens in the Barn
S. A. Hoag - The Vista: Book 1 of the Wildblood
Felicity Kates - Project Hell: Part One
Corrina Lawson Curse of the Brimstone Contract
Tess Rider - Bring Me To Ruin
Veronica Scott - Star Cruise: Marooned
Seven Steps - The Slave Planet
Carol Van Natta - Overload Flux

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Portals Volume Six (Turquoise)
Maeve Alpin - Code of Misconduct 
P. J. Dean - Something Else Wicked
AR DeClerck - The Alchemist's Kiss
Debra Jess - Blood Surfer: Thunder City #1
Alexis Glynn Latner - Hurricane Moon
Belinda McBride - Dragon's Blood
Sabine Priestley - Rebellion: Alien Attachments
S.M. Schmitz - Peyton's Myth: Cambria Code #1
Aurora Springer - The Lady is Blue
Jessica Subject - Made For Her

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Portals Volume Seven (Purple)
Kate Corcino - Spark Rising
Sharon Lynn Fisher - The Ophelia Prophecy
L.J. Garland - MechMan
Dena Garson - Rege's Rescue
Shona Husk - Lunar Exposure
Pippa Jay - Tethered (An Inc-Su Story)
Jolie Mason - Riding Redemption
Annie Nicholas - Boarded
Christine Pope - Blood Will Tell
Rosalie Redd - Untouchable Lover
S.M. Schmitz - Resurrected
Kat Vancil - The Marked Ones

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