Friday, May 6, 2016


Make yourself at home and explore the site. You'll find many pages to discover here (see tabs at top), including a list of the forty participating authors and links to their websites, a few very special thank-yous, recommendations for sites where you can find even more great science fiction romance books, and an introduction to our mysterious and wise Portal Keeper, here to guide you on your journey through the Portals.

When can you begin your amazing journey, you ask?

Now! The first Volume of Portals has released. (See booksellers on right sidebar.) Looking ahead, a new volume of Portals will become available about every two weeks after that. The future is bright.

Meanwhile, you can save this site to your favorites or subscribe on the sidebar, and you'll be sure to catch all the exciting Portals news as it hits. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the link on the sidebar.

And please don't leave without commenting below to let us know what you think about Portals. We have a surprise for those who do. We'll be holding a random drawing for two $5 e-gift certificates. (Because we know after you've read the offerings in Portals, you'll be eager to buy some of these books!)

Thank you for visiting!


  1. EEEEEEEKK!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I LOVE SCI-FI Romance and cannot wait to get my hot & eager little hands on these collections! What a SPACETACULAR idea and a ALIENTASTIC way to discover new authors!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

    Cheers! xoxoxo

  2. sounds interesting

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. What a fun way to get introduced to some new authors!!
    (and revisit some favorites)!!

    1. Kathi, we're still trying to reach you to collect your prize!

  4. Caught my attention.


  5. Thanks to all who've commented so far. We'll be holding our drawing on Monday, so there's still time to enter. Just comment here.

  6. Congratulations on the launch! Sounds like awesome series! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Thanks to those who commented. The random winners of the $5 Amazon e-gift cards are:

    Kathi Soniat

    Congratulations! We'll try to contact you through your accounts or you can leave a message here if you see this announcement.

    1. Hi Laurie!

      How's it going?

      WOW!! Thank you so much! It was just a fluke I even saw this! I just got a new tablet and was setting up my gmail on it and saw this email come in! (It is SUPPOSED to forward to my main email - the one I use ALL THE TIME - but didn't!)

      Regardless, I have seen it! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

      Would it be possible to contact me through my FB page so I can get you the details you need?

      THANK YOU!

    2. Hi Cherri! Sorry, I was away without internet access. I'll message you now.

    3. Hmm, that link went to a general FB page, Cherri. Could you please try to message me here:

    4. DONE! Thank you! Sorry! I always seem to give the wrong links! LOL Someday I will figure it out! <3